Sponsor of the First Nations Health Managers Association

The IRG was the platinum sponsor of the 2018 conference of the First Nations Health Managers Association (FNHMA). This partnership is important to us, for three reasons. This is the largest Indigenous health event in Canada, led by an Indigenous organization. ...

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Proud to support Tanya Talaga

With acknowledgement to Tanya Talaga. The Indigenous Reconciliation Group was honoured to support Anishnabe author Tanya Talaga who was selected for the 2018 Massey Lectures.  The CBC Massey Lectures is a partnership between CBC, House of Anasi Press and Massey...

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Statues, history and commemorative intent

Recently in Canada and Scotland, there has been renewed debates about the presence of statues and plaques commemorating figures of history.  The statue of Cornwallis in Halifax, Macdonald in Victoria, Duncan Campbell Scott's memorial plaque in Ottawa, and the Henry...

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Honoured to support Tanya Talaga on the 2018 Massey Lectures.  The IRG supported with Indigenous ceremony and balance at every lecture.