The topics of Canada’s hidden history of relationship with Indigenous peoples and lingering racism against Indigenous today, can be very sensitive. A sensitivity is not a good enough reason to avoid these topics, but the sensitivity demands a high level of skill in the course facilitators to ensure the safety of participants.  Certified ICC trainers/facilitators have adult education theory and practice, facilitation skill, theory and practice in facilitating difficult conversations, and in-depth knowledge of the curriculum areas.  Certified ICC Facilitators have proven their skills and knowledge in a proctored exam and meet a quality of standard as set by the Indigenous Reconciliation Group.

Certified ICC Facilitators in southern Canada

Rose LeMay, Lead Instructor/Facilitator, IRG

Destine Lord, IRG

Kristine Neglia

A member of the Curve Lake First Nation, ON, Kristine has worked for Indigenous organizations at the local, provincial, and national levels, including the Native Women’s Resource Centre in Toronto, the Aboriginal Healing and Wellness Strategy, the Ontario Native Women’s Association, the Native Women’s Association of Canada, and the First Nations Market Housing Fund.  Kristine is an active volunteer in the City of Ottawa including on the board of Tewegan Housing for Aboriginal Youth, a 12-bed transitional home for young First Nations, Inuit and Métis women who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. Kristine is the Education Specialist with the First Nations Health Managers Association.

Gene Jamieson

Gene Jamieson is a consultant, facilitator, and coach who grew up in the Six Nations of the Grand River territory near Brantford, Ontario in Canada. Armed with over twenty years in business and people development, Gene’s personal mandate is to help people and organizations to be their best. As a business consultant, Gene works with organizations to define their goals and develop strategies to achieve them. As a professional coach, Gene works with individuals to identify where they are stuck in their lives and through active coaching, build a plan to achieve personal goals and happiness. Gene is best known for being thought-provoking and encouraging others to think outside the box. Gene is with Turtle Clan Management Consulting.

Lori Keith

With a MA in Business Administration and significant experience in the health sector, Lori has co- authored five books and written a number of articles, presentations and reports which she has presented in Canada, the US and Europe.  She is also a trained facilitator who has developed and delivered courses and workshops for a variety of organizations. Lori is a certified change management professional, and has worked with both large and small organizations across the country.

Donika Jones

Donika holds a Masters in Public Health with experience in Nunavut in health promotion, as well health equity work in Ontario.  Donika is active in the voluntary sector and currently sits on the board of the Canadian Public Health Association.


Certified ICC Facilitators in Nunavut

Through special arrangement with the Government of Nunavut, Certified ICC Facilitators provide ICC in Nunavut.  Certified ICC Facilitators (CICCF) have completed an intensive coursework in adult education theory and practice, facilitation skills and in-depth content review; and maintain continuous learning in the content areas.

Joined by the Minister of Health and Rose LeMay, from left to right:

  • Minister of Health, the Hon. Pat Angnakak
  • Joseph Murdoch-Flowers, Department of Health
  • Jayne Murdoch-Flowers, Department of Health
  • Donika Jones, currently working in the south
  • Helen Hai Yen Hoang, Department of Education
  • Katharine Bartlett, Department of Education
  • Joanne Idlout, Department of Health
  • David Aglukark, RCMP
  • Matilda Madekufamba, Department of Health
  • Peter Polanowski, Department of Environment
  • Trina Qaqqaq, Department of Health
  • Jonathan Paradis, Department of Health
  • Naomi Wilman, Department of Health
  • Rose LeMay
  • Angela Michielsen, Department of Culture and Heritage
  • Karen Kabloona, Associate Deputy Minister, Department of Health
  • Hanna Wolff, Executive and Intergovernmental Affairs
  • (missing) Marygalak Ashoona Bergin, Department of Health