Certified ICC Facilitators

The topics of Canada’s hidden history of relationship with Indigenous peoples and lingering racism against Indigenous today, can be very sensitive. A sensitivity is not a good enough reason to avoid these topics, but the sensitivity demands a high level of skill in the course facilitators to ensure the safety of participants.  Certified ICC trainers/facilitators have adult education theory and practice, facilitation skill, theory and practice in facilitating difficult conversations, and in-depth knowledge of the curriculum areas.  Certified ICC Facilitators have proven their skills and knowledge in a proctored exam and meet a quality of standard as set by the Indigenous Reconciliation Group.

Certified ICC Facilitators in southern Canada

  • Rose LeMay, Lead Instructor/Facilitator
  • Destine Lord
  • Kristine Neglia

Partnership with the Government of Nunavut

Through special arrangement with the Government of Nunavut, a cohort of Certified ICC Facilitators graduated in March, 2017.  The majority of the Nunavut team is Inuit – ICC is the only national course with a strong Inuit presence and leadership.

  • Shuvenai Mike, Department of Culture and Heritage, Government of Nunavut (GN)
  • Angela Michielsen, Department of Culture and Heritage, GN
  • Hanna Wolff, Executive and Intergovernmental Affairs, GN
  • Helen Hai Yen Hoang, Department of Education, GN
  • Leevede Atagoyuk, Qullik Energy Corporation
  • Marygalak Ashoona Bergin, Department of Health, GN
  • Karen Kabloona, Associate Deputy Minister, Department of Health, GN