Measuring identity, racism and inclusion

November 2017 – We co-presented a workshop with CIHI at this conference held by the Association of Canadian Studies. And it turned out, measuring inclusion is difficult, even the evaluators say this!  Measuring identity is even harder.  Who gets to say that person is First Nations?  Who gets to say what the indicators of being Métis really are?  Do you have to speak the language fluently to be accepted as Inuk?  All very difficult questions.  No such thing as a simple answer, because culture and identity are closely linked.

The_IRG sponsors Odawa’s golf tournament

September 2017 – After just a few months in operation, The_IRG chose to sponsor Odawa Friendship Centre’s golf tournament, and give back to Indigenous community.  A great day raising money for urban Indigenous in Ottawa.

Guest Editor of special issue, Journal of Social Inclusion

April 2017- In her role as International Chair of the Wharerātā Group, Rose LeMay was a guest editor of this special issue focussed on Indigenous inclusion. A joint effort by Pat Dudgeon (University of Western Australia), Waikaremoana Waitoki, Rose LeMay (Wharerātā Group) and Linda Waimarie Nikora (University of Waikato, New Zealand).

Social Inclusion Volume 4, Number 1 (2016).

  • Mediating Structures in Sámi Language Revitalisation
  • Practicing Teachers’ Reflections: Indigenous Australian Student Mobility and Implications for Teacher Education
  • Wholistic and Ethical: Social Inclusion with Indigenous Peoples
  • Repositioning the Racial Gaze: Aboriginal Perspectives on Race, Race Relations and Governance
  • Social Exclusion/Inclusion for Urban Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People
  • More Than a Checklist: Meaningful Indigenous Inclusion in Higher Education
  • Climate Change, Mining and Traditional Indigenous Knowledge in Australia
  • Social Exclusion of Australian Childless Women in Their Reproductive Years